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What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is telepathic communication between you and an animal. Telepathy occurs when feelings, pictures, or images are exchanged. You are born with this ability and most likely lost touch with it by the age of 3, if you were not encouraged by adults in your life to use and develop telepathy. Anyone interested, can reclaim this natural skill with training and practice.

Telepathic communication allows you to develop a closer day-to-day relationship with the animals in your life. This bond becomes even more important when you and your animal are competing in a show or performance events. A quality working relationship will allow you and your animal to perform at your highest level. Animal Communication and/or Emotion Code can also help you and your animal in the following ways:

  • Improve a poor relationship

  • Make a good relationship great

  • Detect emotional problems and possible solutions before they become major

  • Helps a newly adopted shelter animal adjust quicker to a new home

  • Help you make end-of-life decisions for an animal that takes their wishes into consideration

  • Get to the cause of poor relationships between animals in a household

  • Connect with deceased animals that crossed over to the other side

  • Use Emotion Code to release trapped emotions in both people and pets around a particular challenge


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